April 05, 2013

Denver Police Were Warned About James Holmes


A psychiatrist, who treated suspected mass killer James Holmes, warned police a month before the Colorado theater shooting that Holmes had made homicidal statements and was a danger to the public, according to documents released this week.

It is unclear what was done with that information or if that warning could have helped stop the July 20 shooting at an Aurora, Colorado movie theater that left 12 dead and dozens injured.

Diana Don't Worry The Denver PD Would Be There Within Minutes DeGette was unavailable for comment.

In related news Fox News journalist Jana Winter is being threatened with jail time for refusing to reveal her sources when she reported the existence of James Holmes' notebook.

My Fox News colleague, Jana Winter, an experienced journalist of impeccable integrity, is being threatened with incarceration by a Colorado judge unless she reveals the sources for the excellent and highly newsworthy piece she wrote for FoxNews.com revealing the existence of a notebook written by Mr. Holmes before the murders and sent to his psychiatrist, Dr. Lynne Fenton.
Andrew P. Napolitano's article points out that the defense for James Holmes drug up this issue, but it would seem to me that there are those on the government's side of the case who have a huge interest in this information not becoming public.

I mean, what if the public found out after all the weeping and anti-gun BS politics that the main problem was a failure government to do its job with the tools it had to start with?

New laws will do about as much good as the old laws did if we depend on the performance of these public officials. If not for journalists like Jana Winter we'd have never known how big a bunch of f*ck ups they really are, would we?

Stand with Jana Winter!

Hat Tip: Jester.

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