April 04, 2013

Good News: PD Will be There in Minutes
Bad News: You're Dead Anyway

Gateway Pundit:

On Tuesday night The Denver Post editorial board hosts a public forum on gun legislation at the national level. U.S. Reps. Diana DeGette and Ed Perlmutter, State Sen. Kevin Lundberg, and Larimer County Sheriff Justin Smith are among the scheduled panelists. During the question and answer period a concerned Denver citizen asked Democratic Representative DeGette how he was supposed to defend himself under the new Colorado gun laws. DeGette smirked and mocked the senior citizen saying,
Watching the video the man is actually asking what to do if he is limited to just a few rounds and his home was invaded by several armed people. He fears the limitations might hinder his ability to defend his home.

Her Response:

he good news for you, you live in Denver. The Denver PD would be there within minutes. (laughing) You’d probably be dead anyway.”
Yeah you old fart you've got one foot in already. Besides only the police and DHS should have that capability and multiple armed people invading your home with sophisticated weapons, that almost never happens.
A veteran New York police officer is accused of equipping a robbery crew with state-of-the art New York police equipment and helping them loot drug dealers out of a million dollars.

The officer, Jose Tejada, 45, is also accused of allowing the robbery crew to use his Manhattan apartment for their enterprise.

In court documents filed Wednesday, federal prosecutors said the crew posed as police officers and used fake warrants to arrest drug traffickers.

The crew then robbed those it arrested of their money and their stashes of marijuana, heroin, ecstasy and cocaine, authorities said.

...In 2006 and 2007, Tejada participated in three robberies, prosecutors say, stealing thousands of dollars while dressed in his police uniform. In one of the cases, the crew stormed a Bronx home searching for cocaine.

"The crew mistakenly believed the residents to be drug dealers," court documents said. "In fact, the residents were a family of three, including a teenager, who had no involvement in drug dealing."

To add insult to injury Tejada might be denied bail because he's a flight risk. They are afraid he might go back to the Dominican Republic.

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