April 02, 2013

Shocking Norwegians, FM Admits PA Uses Their Tax $$ To Fund Pali Hate/Terrorism

Our tax monies also help fund Pali hate, terrorism and 'salaries' for terrorists in Israel prison. I certainly wish the Bronco Bama administration would also admit this.

Just think, all countries sending tax monies to the Palestinian Authority have, indirectly, blood on their hands.

That suckath big time.


Norway's Foreign Ministry Admits It Gave False Info About The PA's Use Of Norwegian Aid
Norwegian MP Says Government 'Indirectly' Funds Terrorism
PA TV Rejects Norwegian TV About Norwegians Surprised Their Tax $ Funds Pali Hate
Norwegians Surprised Their Tax $ Funds Pali Hate Stirs Debate In Norwegian Parliament
Norwegians Surprised Their Tax $ Funding Pali Hate

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