April 01, 2013

The Call

An American Muslim calls a talk radio show:

Notice how the host of the show, Maria Milito, stumbles over herself to insist she is not "anti-Muslim" or "anti-Islam." The left has difficulties in rejecting intolerant views while at the same time, embracing the ideology that fosters those views. It's a fine line for them to walk, criticizing sharia without being "Islamophobic."

Transcript of the call below the fold, courtesy of Breitbart:

Host: Hi, Chris.

Chris: Hi. My opinion is something youíre not going to agree with.

Host: Thatís okay.

Chris: I'm Muslim and I believe 110 percent in Sharia law. Sharia law needs to be implemented in the United States because that's the only way this deviant lifestyle will be corrected. You know what happens in Saudi Arabia and other Islamic countries to the gay people, correct?

Host: Mm-hmm. I donít agree with it

Chris: They are beheaded, and that I believe --I'm going to fight as hard as I can with all of my brothers and sisters to make Sharia law in the United States.

Host: So people should be beheaded for being gay? I mean, címon, this is America!

Chris: This is a sin! No, you donít like --youíre anti-Muslims?

Host: Iím not anti-Muslims, butó

Chris: You are anti-Muslims if youíre saying that about my religion.

Host: I didnít say that. Iím saying about America.

Chris: About my religion? No. In America? Weíre Americans too.

Host: You really believe people should be beheaded?

Chris: Yes, of course. Government should do that.

Host: So you have no friends that are gay, Chris?

Chris: No, I donít.

Host: Okay, And if you didó

Chris: I donít choose to associate with those people. No, no. That lifestyle is deviant, and itís against Islam.

Host: Thatís fine Ė

Chris: And sharia should come to the United States, obviously --

Host: --to feel that way but to believe that they should be beheaded is a little extreme, donít you think?

Chris: --but youíre going to call the whole kingdom of Saudi Arabia extreme?

Host: Iím just saying beheading people for their sexual preference is extreme. Those are my words.

Chris: No, but youíre against Muslim countries then. Youíre against Islam.

Host: Iím not against Islam. There are people who are IslamóIslamic in America

Chris: Do you know the law? Do you know sharia law?

Host: Do I? No, I was raised Catholic.

Chris: Maybe you should look into sharia and look into the countries that have sharia and what the penalty is for being gay.

She should also look into the countries that have sharia and how they treat women.

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