March 29, 2013

Science! Dirty Coal Emissions From China Saving the Planet

Yid With Lid:

I have good news, you can take off the purple sneakers and come out. To paraphrase "Honest Abe," One Score of years ago our fathers looked at the thermometer and the temperature was the same as it was today." And the scientist who are perpetuating the global warming hoax don't understand why!!
Another paper published by leading climate scientist James Hansen, the head of NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies, says the lower than expected temperature rise between 2000 and the present could be explained by increased emissions from burning coal.
What? You mean the clean air act which required scrubbing the particulates from coal emissions rather than requiring the spacing out of coal plants to fight acid rain caused global warming? And now the only thing saving us from Global destruction is the increased dirty coal emissions from China and the developing world?

OMG! Its almost as if God knew what he was doing when he made coal or something? We just can't figure out how to burn it right.

But never worry Obama is pushing increased use of clean coal technology, thus averting a the looming global ice age in one swift stroke.

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