March 28, 2013

3 Toulouse Accomplices Arrested in France

One was a soldier, and some reports claim that the three helped the murderer, Mohamed Merah, get the scooter he used in the shootings:

Agnes Thibault Lecuivre of the prosecutor’s office said two people were arrested late Tuesday in Toulouse, adding that one of the arrests took place in the gritty Les Izards neighborhood where Merah spent some of his childhood.

A third person, a serving French soldier, was arrested at his barracks on Wednesday morning in the nearby town of Castres.

It's not clear the extent of the role these men played in the act of terror, but keep in mind that the French authorities knew about Merah, his connections to violent Islamists in Pakistan, and declined to act on the notion that he just wasn't that dangerous.

Hindsight: it's 20-20.

Thanks to 44guy

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