March 28, 2013

Shabaab Supporter Gets 9 Years on Cornhole Watch


An Eritrean man who admitted to receiving military training and aiding the al-Shabaab terrorist organization in Somalia was sentenced by a federal judge in Manhattan to nine years and three months in prison.

Mohamed Ibrahim Ahmed, 38, who pleaded guilty in June to two counts of conspiracy, faced as long as 10 years in prison under nonbinding U.S. sentencing guidelines.

Ahmed, an Eritrean native who moved to Sweden as a child before going to Somalia, was arrested in Nigeria in 2009 and brought to the U.S. the following year, prosecutors said.

He admitted to contributing about 3,000 euros ($3,835) to al-Shabaab and was trained to make and detonate bombs while he was in Somalia, prosecutors said.

Cornhole alert thanks to Terror Free Somalia Foundation.

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