March 27, 2013

The Post in Which Rusty Prays Censored31 is Dead

Is it too much to wish for that this is Censored31?

An man of Algerian origin killed by Belgian police in a shoot-out on a motorway Tuesday was suspected of terrorist links, the Belga news agency reported, citing a spokesman for the federal prosecutor...

The investigation showed that the man was buying arms and other equipment such as bullet-proof clothing, and had linked him to an armed robbery of a restaurant, Belga said....

A search later of his home in Anderlecht, a suburb of Brussels, revealed arms, ammunition and explosives, plus other equipment which Belga said the police would put on display on Wednesday.

The shoot-out took place early afternoon on the motorway from Brussels to the southern city of Tournai as the police chased the man down.

Ah, who am I kidding: Censored31 is far too big of a pussy to ever follow through on his deep held belief that al Qaeda is doing God's work.

Thanks to Fourty4guy.

Update by Howie: Slideshow of weapons seized. Includes suspect's name Hakim Benladghem.

Hat Tip: Webradius.

Update: Image of the very dead Hakim Benladghem.


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