March 26, 2013

Muslim Brotherhood Using Mosques For Torture Chambers

"There is no longer anything to hold them back. The floodgates are open." - Shaul Gabbay, University of Denver professor on Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood

From FNC:

Islamic hard-liners stormed a mosque in suburban Cairo, turning it into torture chamber for Christians who had been demonstrating against the ruling Muslim Brotherhood in the latest case of violent persecution that experts fear will only get worse.

Such stories have become increasingly common as tensions between Egypt’s Muslims and Copts mount, but in the latest case, mosque officials corroborated much of the account and even filed a police report. Demonstrators say they were taken from the Muslim Brotherhood headquarters in suburban Cairo to a nearby mosque on Friday and tortured for hours by hard-line militia members.

Thank you, Mr. Obama!

In the meantime, CAIR is mounting a massive campaign against the Muslim Brotherhood torture chambers desecration of Mosques Islamic extremism Islamophobic fundraising.

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