March 26, 2013

Police Renege On Dorner Reward Money

I was supporting the police all the way in the Dorner case. Dorner was a nutjob who murdered innocent people. He deserved whatever he got. But the people who helped the police locate him don't deserve to get screwed over the reward.

The city of Riverside is pulling its pledge of $100,000 toward the $1 million reward offered during the manhunt for rogue ex-LAPD officer Christopher Dorner.

Dorner died in an apparent suicide during a standoff with authorities and cabin burning near Big Bear last month.

Because the Riverside City Council resolution stipulated the money was for information leading to Dorner's arrest and conviction, the city will withdraw its pledge because neither condition was met, Riverside city spokeswoman Cindie Perry told NBCLA.

Riverside police officer Michael Crain was among four people killed by Dorner.

The city's move comes a day after a peace officers' union president told the Los Angeles Times that his organization was placing its pledge on hold, and said other donors had expressed similar misgivings.

The witnesses did exactly what the reward was meant to do - give police a location on the elusive killer. But now greed has taken hold of the city and the peace officers' union.

This only goes to show, if the government or unions offer a reward for anything, they will rescind the offer once their goal is achieved.

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