March 25, 2013

Seattle Jihadi Gets 18 Years

He wanted to kill military recruits, our nations finest. I'm thinking 18 years is a little on the light side, but it's a result of a plea deal, so kinda expected:

Abu Khalid Abdul-Latif, 35, was nabbed after a rapist he tried to recruit went to police; he was arrested in a sting operation before he could attack the Military Entrance Processing Station, an induction center where young recruits to all military branches take their oaths and are sent to basic training.

The would-be terrorist planned to storm the East Marginal Way South center alongside Los Angeles resident Walli Mujahidh and the informant. Once inside, they were to open fire with automatic weapons and grenades on the Department of Defense workers and new recruits headed to basic training in the hope of killing as many as possible before being killed or captured.

Speaking of rapists, I hope he shares a cell with one.

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