March 25, 2013

Hamas Funded By Slave & Organ Trade


[Image credit from site accusing Israel of harvesting Palis organs]

When Hamas accuses Israel of ' harvesting human organs', in truth, Hamas is only speaking of themselves and their own slave/organ trade. Kinda like look away world, it's the Juice!

Via Money Jihad

Sudanese and East African flesh peddlers aligned with Hamas terrorists are ransoming captives and engaging in the trade of human organs to buy weapons for jihad. This information does not come from right-wing Cassandras, but from CNN’s own correspondent in Berlin, Frederik Pleitgen.

The wages of this shameful trade are $35 million annually, says Pleitgen, in a completely overlooked but significant piece entitled “Human trafficking in the Sinai: to fight it we need to know it,” last month on the human rights webpage EveryOne. Here are some of his most salient points:

[...]“Some of the major traffickers, including Abu Ahmed and Abu Khaled, have declared in interviews reported in the media, to be part of Hamas. In Sudan, through this massive fundraising activity focused on the abduction and sale of human beings, they are preparing the future stages of the war against the “infidels,” Western culture and the State of Israel.”

[T]he Kalashnikovs in possession of Hamas militants are bought with profits from the slave and human organs trade.”



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