March 24, 2013

Sunday Sermon For Wannabe Splodeys On A Jihadi Forum

Just another recruiting day for suckers on Ansar al-Mujahideen forum:

Words of advice to the brethren leaving for Jihād
by:martyred brother Sayyid ( rahimahullah.)

Know, may Allāh bless you and make you firm on the most trust worthy handhold, and on this religion, and may Allāh make knowledge easy for you, that if this path has been chosen by you as your way of life, if you have made the decision to walk this noble path, that is the path of Hijrah and Jihād, know that you have embraced a life of hardship and trials, a life of tears and sweat, a life of fear and sadness, a life also if thought about in depth, or if thought about its reality and what you are gaining by embracing this life, which Allāh opens on his truthful slave, it contains the inner happiness and peace, you will never loose, you will get the honor in this world and what Allāh has saved for you in the next is not known except to the Rabb who has bought from you, your wealth and soul.[...]

The points I wanted you to be aware of are:-

The pep talk goes on and on including a mention of 'democracy' equating it to devil worshiping.[Arab Spring reference]. Same ole 72 virgins pep talk with a sprinkling of young boys for their pleasure.
In the Gardens of delight (Paradise). (They will be) on thrones woven with gold and precious stones, Reclining thereon, face to face. They will be served by immortal boys, With cups, and jugs, and a glass from the flowing wine
Wherefrom they will get neither any aching of the head, nor any intoxication.
And fruit; that they may choose. And the flesh of fowls that they desire.
And (there will be) Houris (fair females) with wide, lovely eyes (as wives for the pious),Like unto preserved pearls. A reward for what they used to do.
Boy are they ever gonna be surprised like the "Lion of Islam" was when he saw his 'Houris':


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