March 22, 2013

American Jihadi From Seattle Imprisoned by al-Shabaab

Methinks that will put a damper on recruiting.

Young American aficionados of al Shabaab and al Qaeda (Europeans too): Listen up! You probably thought that if you joined Shabaab/al Qaeda you might eventually get thrown in jail. That’s a good bet. However, you probably also thought when you got thrown in jail it would be a U.S. jail or even worse a foreign jail of a U.S. counterterrorism partner. But, you would be wrong. The two most likely results of joining al Shabaab are:

Shabaab will eventually betray you and kill you.
Shabaab will throw you in Shabaab jail…(Even worse than being in a U.S. or foreign partner prison.)

... Today, revealed that the other American foreign fighter imprisoned by Shabaab may be Said Fidhin – an American from Seattle, Washington...

Also Omar went full retard today when he said he believed in attacking American interests as stated a recent FBI press release. So that leaves the number of folks willing to cut Omar a break at a big fat zero. Karma is bound to catch up with him, and soon methinks.

Its sad for the mothers, fathers, widows and orphans. But if for some reason a drone or Shabaab found Omar in bay/bokol I'd care a lot less than I did yesterday.

Update: Speaking of Bakool.


A veritable paradise.

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