March 22, 2013

FAU Student Suspended For Refusing To Step On The Name 'Muhammad'

A Florida Atlantic University's Intercultural Communications class professor had students write the name "Muhammad" on a piece of paper and then step on it. One student refused and was suspended.

Well, not really. The professor ordered the students to step on the name "Jesus" not "Muhammad."

You didn't really think this liberal instructor was that brave, did you?

BOCA RATON (CBS4) – A student at Florida Atlantic University said he was unfairly suspended from his Intercultural Communications class because he refused to step on Jesus.

Ryan Rotella, a junior from Coral Springs, said the incident began when his professor, Dr. Deandre Poole, asked students in the class to write the word “Jesus” on a piece of paper, fold it up, and step on it.

Rotella, a deeply religious Mormon, told CBS12 that he was offended and refused to participate in the exercise.

Had it been the name "Muhammad," the professor would have been fired, outraged Muslim students would be protesting, CAIR would have been launching campaigns against the university, Eric Holder would be investigating the professor for hate crimes, and the student involved would look like Obama's son if he had one.

But since it was "Jesus," suspend the student and carry on.

(Hat Tip: Gateway Pundit)

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