March 21, 2013

Looks Like Internet Anthropologist Hit a Soft Spot

Reading Gerald's post on Pakistani ISI's involvement in the hiding of Osama bin-Laden seems to have upset Altaf Hussain leader of the Muttahida Quami.


SI did have OBL house under surveillance, as part of ISI General command agreement. OBL wasn't to be directly involved in any terrorist activities.And ISI was watching the comings and goings at OBL's house.

The ISI surveillance team noted choppers but didn't report anything till they heard gun fire and reported in and also called the police.

But ISI did go thru channels and produced the only smoking gun, they dispatched two Pak jets to a private residence. Which revealed their knowledge
of who was living there by dispatching the jets.

The pak jets were intercepted by S jets and lit up their HUDs, withwarnings of being lit up by US jets before the US jets were even with in Pak jets radar range.

The above brought Altaf Hussain out of the woodwork to deflect the report with accusations of, you know, Juice!


Your thoughts betray you.

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