March 20, 2013

Two Czech Women Abducted in SW Pakistan

hanka_tonca_domu_unosx.jpgIf we can put aside for a moment the stupidity of traveling to SW Pakistan, for any reason, let alone being female and western, two women are missing.

Radio Prague: The Czech Republic has intensified diplomatic efforts to try to secure the release of two Czech women kidnapped in south-west Pakistan last week. No one has claimed responsibility for the abduction or asked for a ransom. Although the Pakistani authorities are working on the case, previous kidnappings in the troubled province suggest it may take weeks to find them.

The two young women, both in their mid-20s, were on the road to Quetta, the capital of Pakistan’ south-west Baluchistan province, accompanied by a police escort, when their van was stopped by a group of armed assailants and all three were seized. The police guard was later released and the young tourists were forced into a brown Land Rover and smuggled away to an unknown destination. The identity of the assailants remains unknown and no request for a ransom has so far been made. The Czech Foreign Ministry says that while communication channels with the local authorities are open no immediate results can be expected. Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzeberg:

We pray they are found and returned safely, but its not very likely and we don't expect it.

Hat Tip: Birbal Dhar.

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