March 20, 2013

This Isn't the Red Line You're Looking For

He can go about his business, move along.

As accusations fly over who may have unleashed chemical weapons in Syria, some are skeptical about whether a chemical assault happened at all.

The reports of chemical warfare ignited a firestorm of reactions around the world, with Russia slamming the rebels and some U.S. lawmakers saying Washington might need to take action against the Syrian government.
But some say images posted by Syrian state-run media of the aftermath of the Aleppo incident, which the government blamed on rebels, aren't consistent with a chemical weapon attack.

Reading on, the article talks about the effects of Mustard or Sarin and other nerve agents, but previous accusations have been of the use of Agent 15. Which would not have the effect of killing everyone who treated victims. So the question is did the victims have an uncontrollable urge to strip and go a rapin'?

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