March 19, 2013

Meanwhile in North Korea

Drudge links this story from the Sun North Korea video shows US Capitol Building destroyed by missile strike

The controversial video - published on government website Uriminzokkiri - also shows a target graphic appearing on the White House.

Subtitles on the provocative video say: "The White House is caught by our sighting device.

"The inner citadel is within our striking range of an atomic bomb."

I would not mention it except that the DPKR's official Youtube Channel has released several videos as well.

These examples seem to indicate that North Korea is telling its people it is already at war with the United States.

Lets Defend General Kim Jong Un With Our Lives!

Let's Follow in His (Kim Jong-un's) Footsteps (KCTV Version)

I've included these examples from other users who've translated parts to English but the official channel also carries a lot of war propaganda, I'm sure there are some TOS violations in there for those interested.

The DPRK has already had one video removed for TOS violations. It would really be a shame if they ran into more troubles.

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