March 18, 2013

Arab Spring! Introducing Femen Tunisia

Tunisia Live:

Last Monday, a 19year old Tunisian woman named Amina posted on Facebook a photo of her naked upper body bearing the slogan “my body belongs to me, and is not the source of the honor of anyone.” She announced that she is representing the Femen movement in Tunisia.

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Amina, the Tunisian woman who posed topless, told Ettounsiya TV: “In July, I saw the photos of Femen and I started reading about them. I liked that their message was radical. It was the first time I saw women who are not posing naked for the camera but are angrily protesting. I contacted them and Skyped several times.”

She added, “if I posted a picture of myself wearing a t-shirt with that slogan, it wouldn’t have any impact. I want the message to be read this way. (A woman’s) body is hers — not her father’s, her husband’s or her brother’s.”

Femen Tunisia twitter feed. Femen NSFW protest boobie gallery here.

Hat Tip: Psycke.

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