March 16, 2013

Wait, North Korea Has "Cyber" to be "Attacked"???

This would be the same country that appears to be a dark spot if viewed from outer space at night. They don't have power for their citizens to turn on lights, but they do have power to ensure the latest member of the Kim family (and sycophants) can cruise teh intertubez for teh b8r3ly l3gal p0rn.

Alternate subttitle: Pornographic viewing habits of Party leadership hardest hit:

North Korea has fallen victim to a massive cyber attack since Wednesday morning, a senior South Korean government official said. He added Seoul is trying to find out who is behind it.

"Internet resources of the country have come under a powerful hacker attack from abroad," Russia's ITAR-TASS news agency, which has a branch in Pyongyang, reported on Wednesday night. The country's websites apparently all went offline until late Thursday afternoon.

They included propaganda outlets like the Rodong Sinmun, the KCNA news agency and Naenara, which are blocked in South Korea.

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