March 15, 2013

NY Muslim Sentenced to 10 Years for Attempt to Intimidate NY Jewish Community

He wanted to make the Jews of NY pay because of, you know, the bad situation of the Muslim world is all the Jew's fault.

A man from Queens who pleaded guilty to plotting to blow up synagogues in Manhattan has been sentenced to 10 years behind bars, in the Manhattan District Attorney's first conviction of a terror defendant.

Ahmed Ferhani, in court today in an orange jumpsuit, pleaded guilty to 10 charges, including conspiracy as a crime of terrorism and criminal possession of a weapon as a crime of terrorism. A grand jury declined to indict Ferhani on a top level terror charge.

"The defendant unequivocally admitted his guilt to intimidate the Jewish population of New York City," said Assistant District Attorney Gary Alperin as Ferhani's attorney gently rubbed his client's back in comfort.

Judge Michael Obus imposed a sentence of 10 years, less than the 14 years the district attorney's office requested or the 25 he would have faced if convicted of all charges after a trial.

After serving his sentence, Ferhani, who was born in Algeria, is likely to be deported.

Maybe they should look more inward when blaming someone for the sad state of affairs in the Middle East?

Hat Tip: Some damn fool idealistic crusader.

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