March 15, 2013

Arab Spring! Video: Libyans Enjoy Benefits of Freedom w/ Public Floggings

To be honest, I'm not against flogging as a method of punishment. You ask me if I want to go to jail for a year or if I'm willing to put up with painful corporal punishment? I'll take the flogging, thank you very much.

As Shane Falco said so well, "Pain heels, chicks dig scars, glory lasts forever, and safeguard your cornhole's virginity at all costs."

So, the fact that these guys are getting flogged in public doesn't really bother me. Pain and shame can be good things.

It's not flogging I have a problem with. It's what Islamists want to flog you for that I have a problem with.

What are these guys offenses? Drinking alcohol? Watching a soccer game? Allowing their women to walk down the streets without an escort? Not growing a beard?

The problem isn't flogging. The problem is Islamic law. That's what I have a problem with.

Here's the video. It's not as nearly graphic as you'd expect.

I'm not sure what they're being flogged with, but it's not a whip or a cane stick like I've usually seen. It obviously hurts the guys getting flogged, but not so bad that they don't walk away.

H/T: Blazing Cat Fur

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