March 14, 2013

Gun Crusader Mark Kelly Buys Scary Assault Weapon

I guess he wanted to beat the ban he's advocating.

ACE: Mark Kelly, Gabby Giffords' husband, got caught buying an AR-15. Not a crime, of course, but certainly a strange purchase for a gun-control advocate looking to ban the weapon.

Couple problems with this story:

1. He didn't actually buy it. The gun he intended to buy was on consignment, and there's a 20-day federal delay to check to see if the weapon was used in a crime.

2. His claimed stunt makes no sense.

What would his point have been, had he actually gone through the federal check (which he didn't, despite his claims)? That a law-abiding Naval officer astronaut married to a Congresswoman can pass a federal gun purchase check?

Of course he could. How could he not pass it? On what grounds would there be a delay for someone who not only has a clean criminal record, but in fact almost certainly has a US intelligence clearance of much better than Top Secret?

Does he have a record as a crack dealer we don't know about?

Its not the buy, its the lie.

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