March 13, 2013

Distinguished Warfare Medal Creates Heartburn

Distinguished Warfare Medal.jpg
Distinguished Warfare Medal

(Washington, D.C.) Considerable heartburn has erupted within the U.S. military regarding the new Distinguished Warfare Medal, intended to honor "extraordinary actions" of drone pilots customarily working hundreds or thousands of miles away from any combat zone.

The controversy is that the Distinguished Warfare Medal is ranked above the Bronze Star and the Purple Heart, decorations typically awarded for actions in combat.

Along with an avalanche of Whiskey Tango Foxtrots and a tsunami of outrage, troops are circulating a photo of a gold-plated X-Box controller and the skull-emblazoned “Call of Duty” medal as “prototypes” of the new award, which honors servicemembers like drone pilots and computer hackers who impact combat operations from afar.

The medal is being called the Chairborne Medal, the Distant Warfare Medal and the Purple Buttocks, among other names.

The flood of complaints has prompted Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel to order a review of the new medal to determine whether the order of precedence should be changed. (More….)

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