March 13, 2013

Arab Spring! Tunisian Sets Self on Fire in Protest Reprise

The Beeb:

A young Tunisian cigarette vendor has died after setting himself on fire - an act reminiscent of the event which triggered the "Arab Spring" in 2010.

Adel Khedhri, 27, set himself alight on Tuesday on a street in central Tunis, the focus of protests which toppled long-time leader Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali two years ago.

He died "as a result of severe burns" a doctor said.

It could be that this man was under pressure from some groups to stop selling cigarettes. The more radical Islamist elements see smoking as Haram or forbidden under Sharia.

If you recall in Mali the al-Qaeda related militia's there forbid the populace from smoking while financing their Jihad by smuggling cigarettes. On the bright side Mokhtar Belmokhtarm the al-Qaeda leader in Mali is dead as a rock. So there is that.

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