March 12, 2013

Muslim Doctoral Student Gets Death Threats For Opposing Hitler Supporters

An update to this post.

The death threats came after Sahin expressed dismay for the admiration of Hitler during an interview with several Muslim youths:

The Dutch daily NRC writes that Mehmet Sahin, a doctoral student, has had to go into hiding with his family. The Mayor of Arnhem, Pauline Krikke, advised him to do so after he received death threats. Sahin is a volunteer who tries to re-educate street youths in Arnhem.

A few weeks ago, he interviewed several Dutch-Turkish youngsters on the Nederland 2 TV station. They said that they admired Hitler and the Holocaust and regretted that Hitler had not finished exterminating the Jews. Sahin reprimanded them.

Will this Islamophobia ever stop?

(Hat Tip: Jihad Watch)

Update: I updated to link to earlier post (thanks, Moshe!) and moved interview video below the fold.

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