March 11, 2013

Video of Syrian Jihadis Beheading Assad Fascists Pretty Suspicious

A few people have emailed me about a video that has been making the rounds on Liveleak claiming to show members of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) murdering and beheading troops loyal to Assad's fascist regime.

Let me point out that I support neither the rebels who are composed largely of Sunni Islamofascists, many of whom are sympathetic to al Qaeda, nor of the fascist Baathists of the Assad regime -- a regime that in addition to being fascist also supports terror.

With that in mind, the video in question seems highly suspicious. Why?

1) The video was posted by pro-Assad forces, not by the jihadis themselves. When jihadis behead their opponents they are generally proud of the fact and circulate their own videos claiming responsibility. They do not need Assad's people to post the video for them. They do it themselves.

2) On close inspection the "jihadis" don't actually appear to be killing the captives. Except for the last victim, they appear to be dead already. I've seen more than my fair share of beheading videos, and trust me on this one, the victims don't just lie there making no sound. It's the sounds that will always haunt me and remind me just how cruel the murderers are. Either every one but the last guy is dead already, or they've been beaten so severely that they're unconscious.

3) Some of the "jihadis" seem to be speaking Russian, Chechen, or Turkish. Now, this could be an outfit of foreign fighters in the al Nusrah front. But, I wonder .....

4) Last, the "al Qaeda" flag is wrong. The "jihadis" use all the right words, shout "Allahu akbar!" when they're supposed to, but the flag ... it's ... wrong. The al Qaeda flag is white on a black field, not black on a white field.

Here's a (poor) screenshot of the flag being waved in the video.


Now here's the al Qaeda flag we'd expect.

I'm not exactly sure what the shenanigans are that are going on here, but the video just doesn't add up on a number of levels. I have a number of theories as to actually what's going on, but to be honest I'm not 100% sure. The comments section over at LiveLeak is full of partisans on one side or the other convinced that the other side is full of evil terrorists, while their own faction is full of defenders of civilization. So, that hasn't been much help.

One thing I'm sure of is that whoever made this video, they are SOBs that need to be killed.

The video is below. WARNING: VERY GRAPHIC!!

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