March 11, 2013

60 Pipe Bombs Found Outside Philly

Pipe bombs aren't all that hard to make. What's the statute of limitations on pipe bombs, anyway? Because if it's over 20 years then I have to confess to making a few myself back in my teenage years. So, is this something?

Federal officials provided few details about the search of a Malvern storage locker that resulted in the controlled detonation of about 60 pipe bombs Thursday night, though multiple officials confirmed the incident was connected to a federal Ponzi scheme investigation....

The official, who asked to remain anonymous due to the ongoing and sensitive nature of the investigation, said that the storage locker was registered to 42-year-old Istvan Merchenthaler, a Chester County man facing federal charges in connection to a Ponzi scheme that officials say defrauded investors of about $2 million over the past seven years.


Thanks to DA

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