March 10, 2013

Danish Islamic Imam Who Said Uncovered Women Deserve To Be Raped Arrested For Attempted Rape

Imam Mehdi enjoys the Koran, the Sunnah and long walks in the park

Imam Shahid Mehdi said women who don't wear a hijab deserve to be raped. He proved himself right. Uncovered women are in danger of being raped by those of low moral character.

A 36-year-old Danish man is the protagonist in a bizarre sex case, which will soon be dealt with in court in Malmö.

Now, however, he is accused of pulling his penis out and chasing a 23-year-old woman around in a park in Malmö in August 2012, according to the court in Malmö.

The woman managed to get away, and she called the police, who arrested the man a few minutes later.

Imam Shahid Mehdi claims he is innocent and the victim of a racist conspiracy. As absurd as that excuse is, I'm certain plenty in the Islamic community will side with him.

As Daniel Greenfield points out, had this happened in an Islamic country, the woman would have been charged with a crime.

The original article is HERE. The Google translation is HERE.

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