March 07, 2013

Remember The Democratic Poll Worker Who Boasted About Voting Six Times For President Obama?

Melowese Richardson, a Democratic poll worker, proudly admits she not only voted twice for herself, but voted for family members who had also already voted! She voted as many as six times.

To date, she has not been charged, though the election board claims to be investigating. But why the delay? Richardson brags about voting multiple times. She was a poll worker who should have known better.

So, how is that case different than that of 86-year-old Margaret Schneider, an elderly Parkinson's patient who forgot she mailed an absentee ballot a month earlier? And not even in the Presidential election, but during a state primary?

Schneider, 86, has been diagnosed with Parkinsonís disease and dementia is one of her symptoms. [...]

Schneider doesnít deny the allegation. She realizes now, after talking with St. Peter police detective Travis Sandland, that she did vote twice. She voted once with an absentee ballot on July 13 and again at her polling place Aug. 14.

"It had been awhile and I didnít even remember," Schneider said. "I was shocked to death because I thought my absentee ballot was for the president."

The difference is, Schneider has been charged with a felony.

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