March 07, 2013

Nigeria: Islamists Murder Christians For Not Participating In Evening Prayers

The Religion of Peace™.

(Hat Tip: Jihad Watch)

The only thing that really surprises me about this story is that the Islamists didn't take the women and children as booty.

Reports of the attack reaching us disclosed that on that fateful Saturday at about 7 p.m, Muslim faithful were conducting their prayer close to the affected compound occupied by Christian families, when two taxi cabs stopped in front of the compound and the occupants, who all concealed their arms dashed into the complex and demanded to know why the residents were not part of the 7 p.m. Muslim prayer.

They responded by telling the visitors they were Christians and so could not be part of the Muslim gathering. At that point, they separated the men from their wives and children and shot them dead on the spot after ordering the women and children into their homes.

This also stood out for me:

The 13th victim, who hid in a dark alley in the compound, surrendered himself, following threats by the gunmen to visit the same fate on the women and children if any man was found shielded.

This seems to illustrate the difference between radical Islam and Christianity. The Islamists were prepared to kill the women and children, but the Christian sacrificed his life for them.

Also of great concern to the minority Christian residents is that the Kano State Government in the Muslim dominated North Nigeria seems indifferent to the killings.

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