March 05, 2013

Non-Sarcastic Good News: Hugo Chavez Dead

He's dead!

President Hugo Chávez of Venezuela died Tuesday afternoon after a long battle with cancer, the government announced, leaving behind a bitterly divided nation in the grip of a political crisis that grew more acute as he languished for weeks, silent and out of sight in hospitals in Havana and Caracas.

His departure from a country he dominated for 14 years casts into doubt the future of his socialist revolution. It alters the political balance in Venezuela, the fourth-largest foreign oil supplier to the United States, and in Latin America, where Mr. Chávez led a group of nations intent on reducing American influence in the region.

This is the time at the Jawa where we dance!

UPDATE: Why does this clip seem so appropriate?

UPDATE: Bwahahahahaa!


H/T: @DaveedGR

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