February 28, 2013

Video: 100 Egyptian Christians Arrested in Benghazi, Some Tortured & Killed

A video report from an Egyptian website claims that 100 Coptic Christians from Egypt have been arrested for the "crime" of fulfilling their Christian duty and spreading the gospel. Some reports claim that the video shows "Islamist elements" holding the Christian prisoners, but the news report itself claims that it was officials of the Libyan government. Or as the Google translation puts it, "Libyan government accusing them of proselytizing".

Given that the line between government officials and Islamist militias is a hazy one in parts of Libya -- especially Benghazi, where they were "arrested" -- it's not clear to me which one is accurate.

But would it be out of character for the Libyans to arrest Christians for this "crime"? Earlier this month four foreigners, including an American, were nicked for proselytizing. The penalty of which can be as severe as death.

In any case, the report also claims that the Christians have been tortured by those holding them and that some of them were killed while trying to escape. And lest you think these men were in Libya as Christians, the report also suggests that they were in the country to work as contractors, many of them in professional positions.

Here's the video. The men on the floor with the shaved heads are the captive Christians. Notice the Christian literature being shown as evidence of the "crime".

Arab Spring!

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