February 28, 2013

With Sequester Looming, Eric Holder Suddenly Concerned About Homegrown Islamic Terrorism Despite DHS Efforts To Downplay Threats

The Department of Homeland Security refuses to even mention "Islam" and "terrorism" in the same sentence. It's public relations department has worked hard to diminish the thought that Islamic terrorists are the threat they once were.

But that was before Obama's sequester threatened his Administration's radical agenda to bankrupt America. Now, Eric Holder has many sleepless nights worrying about al Qaeda:

America now confronts a very different terrorist threat than it did four years ago, according to Holder. While al Qaeda's central leadership has been diminished, the group is more "widespread" geographically—and the threat of homegrown terrorists in the U.S. now rivals that of plots hatched overseas, Holder told ABC News.

"Core al Qaeda doesn't have the capacity that it once did, but it's metastasized in a number of ways. We now worry about the nodes of al Qaeda—al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, al Qaeda now in Africa, al Qaeda in Iraq," Holder said. "The threat is more widespread in terms of where those people are, where those significant people are. That's how it's different now."

The nation's top law enforcer worries that Americans could become "complacent" about the threat of terrorism, even as the FBI has thwarted not only international plots, but homegrown terrorists that Holder called "a very serious threat."

I guess Holder didn't get the memo. Obama destroyed al Qaeda.

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