February 27, 2013

Dr. Zuhdi Jasser: 'Our Worst Fears Are Being Seen'..

Dr Jasser spoke about his recent trip to Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

Via Radical Islam:

Dr Jasser is #1 on CAIR, liberal, domestic dhimmis hate list.

For instance, this comment on the video by YouTube user "Joe Mukas

Zuhdi Jasser is like the few Jews who were serving under Hitler's army or the few blacks who hang the confederate flag in their house .

Zuhdi Jasser is considered a traitor in the Muslim community. Zuhdi's real supporters are the right wing fox news watching Whites. Zuhdi has no support among mainstream Muslims even in America let alone in Middle East.

Dr Jasser believes in separation of 'Mosque and State', doesn't hate Jews or Christians which is a no no in CAIR/Muslim Brotherhood sockpuppet 'Joe Mukas' world.

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