February 26, 2013

Noted Hippie & Anti Semite Calls Jawa Report Homophobic Homos

<img alt=It seems Tim has an issue with Rusty's takedown of his last hit piece on Jawa Report.

Salem News: I assumed the site was a man's pro-gay publication and it didn't make sense that they would have a beef with us, turns out the site's operator is instead suffering from a he-man complex. They went on, paragraph after paragraph, defending their obviously short-sighted goals.

Our writer Siraj Davis in Palestine called the group out for its one-sided anti-Islam slant. I agree with him completely. His article is about the shoddy and laughable (unless you are him) conviction of a young man named Ziyad Yaghi whose mother is fighting for his freedom. Yahgi is convicted under the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) which sound-minded conservatives despise along with the rest of us. This is the Obama law that allows Americans to be detained without charges, it is some of the worst, most anti-American legislation ever passed in this country.

This all stems from the case of one Ziyad Yaghi, in which Salem News Whatever maintains that Ziyad Yaghi is an innocent victim[Indictment]. We were specifically accused by Salem News of being spies under contract of the the US government because we had up a few images from Ziyad Yaghi's facebook account.

The accusation was that we were part of some grand conspiracy to infiltrate innocent Muslims facebook accounts and then work with the government to jail these innocent Muslims. The alleged proof was that we posted images from Yaghi's allegedly private facebook account. Rusty responded to these accusations here.

If ur a munafiq (hypocrite) I am a kill you

So when we confronted Siraj Davis' article with facts it seems to have pissed off his editor Tim King who then responds to our alleged racism and name calling with his own brand of Anti-Semitism, homophobic slurs and name calling.

I'd really not paid any attention to this issue. But number one, if you publish things on the internet its public, you never know who's looking. We're not interested in Muslims, but lets say you post stuff saying "I'll kill you" on the internet, that might get our attention.

It might also coincidentally get the attention of law enforcement. And in the case of Ziyad Yaghi that's exactly what happened, he got a lot more attention than he'd hoped for. Our only regret is that we were not involved in this case. Besides apparently we were friends. Freedom of association you know.

Next lets take the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act). Tim once called George W. Bush (and all Christian evangelicals) a white supremacist too.

George W. Bush’s support for fundamentalist Christianity has been linked to his having a “Christian supremacist vision”
So that must make Barack Obama doubly racist since his policy is perceived by King as being even more extreme than Bush's policy.

But Tim spends a lot of time on Kihnspiracy theory, chasing white supremacists and fighting against the perception that he hates the Jews..

Also he's a follower of the 9/11 truther movement and appears on the leftist Russia Today to spout his Anti-American views.

His articles are popular on Antisemitic blogs that coin terms like Judeofascism.com. Because being called Anti-Semetic is really just a tactic to stop you from hating Jews. Its the Zionists who are the real Anti-Semites, preventing the Jews from living free and being well treated as only a proper Islamic Kalif or Hitler could, right?

He also has a problem with the Gaza phauxtography reporting here.

So if this is the kind of person we really piss off, we must be doing it right.

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