February 25, 2013

YouTube: 'Hostage' Video Of 7 Members Of French Family Abducted In Cameroon
Update: Full Video Added

[video gone but I have one below the fold]

Such bravery by the jihadi threatening to kill this family if their demands aren't met. Terrorizing their children, gawd.


Bankok Post

A video appeared on YouTube Monday of seven kidnapped members of a French family with their abductors, who claimed to be from Islamist extremist group Boko Haram and demanded the release of prisoners.

The video represented the first images of the family to emerge since their abduction in Cameroon on February 19.

The kidnappers, claiming to be from the Nigerian group Boko Haram, say they carried out the kidnapping in part due to France's "war against Islam," apparently a reference to French military action in Mali.

The more than three-minute video shows the family, including four children, held in an undisclosed location, surrounded by at least three of the abductors whose faces are hidden.

A source close to the family confirmed their identities to AFP. It was not clear when the video was made.

"If you want us to release these French citizens, quickly release all our women you are detaining," one of the abductors says in Arabic, addressing Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan.

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I'm unsure if this is indeed Boko Haram due to their 'flag' in the background. Could be supporters of the terror group and have their "own" flag.

Stay tuned.

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Update: Full video below the fold:

Thanks to @meankitteh1

Prayers that this family is released, unharmed.

Update: Birbal Dhar has a point, the jihadi didn't blur the woman's face. Although, I believe this is a splinter group supporting Boko Haram. The flag is definitely NOT Boko Haram's.

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