February 24, 2013

Bangladeshi Muslims Riot, Demand More Bloggers Be Executed

The religion of peace™.

Just a week after Islamists hacked to death a blogger accused of insulting Islam, thousands of angry Muslims took to the street in protest. They were not protesting the murder of the blogger. They were demanding more bloggers be put to death:

Parts of the capital Dhaka were turned into a battlefield as thousands of protesters attacked police with bricks and sticks in front of the national mosque. Officers there retaliated with rubber bullets and tear gas.

The country's 12 Islamic parties called the protests after Friday prayers in nearly half a million mosques nationwide, demanding the execution of bloggers whom they say blasphemed Islam and the Prophet Mohammed.

But don't worry. Moderate Muslims assure us only a teeny, tiny minority of Muslims misunderstands Islam and use it as an excuse to commit violence.

Protest video below the fold.


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