February 24, 2013

Four Somali Immigrants Convicted Of Supporting Al Shabaab

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A federal jury in San Diego on Friday convicted four Somali immigrants including an imam from a local mosque of conspiring to funnel money to a terrorist group in their native country.

After a three-week trial and three days of deliberations, the jury convicted the four men of conspiring to raise and send money to Somalia's al-Shabaab. The men coordinated fundraising efforts and sent nearly $9,000 to al-Shabaab between 2007 and 2008, prosecutors said[...]

Those convicted Friday include 40-year-old Mohamed Mohamed Mohamud, who prosecutors said used his connections as a popular imam at a mosque in San Diego's City Heights neighborhood to raise money for the group.

The other defendants were two San Diego taxi drivers, 36-year-old Basaaly Saeed Moalin and 56-year-old Issa Doreh, and 37-year-old Ahmed Nasir Taalil Mohamud of Anaheim, whose financial transfer business Shidaal Express was used to route the money, prosecutors said.

Government attorneys played tapes of telephone calls, many of them between Moalin and the late Aden Hashi Ayrow, who was among the top leaders of al-Shabaab until he was killed in missile strike in May 2008.[More...]

Revolution Muslims Jesse Morton and Zach Chesser's hint for these 4:

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Akhis, Bubba is ready and waiting for you. Don't be late, and, Allah knows best.

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