February 20, 2013

CAIR Wants Federal Investigation of Teacher Who May or May Not Have Said Something Stupid

There was a time when saying don't make a federal case out of it meant that you were making a rather big deal out of something mundane. That is, it was a bad thing to make a federal case out of it.

So, did a teacher in Washington State actually say this?

The teacher also allegedly remarked that Arabs and Muslims learn that killing innocent people is acceptable.

Such behavior is “just like Hitler,” she said, according to KCPQ.[emphasis mine]

Let us assume that the teacher did say these things. She denies it, says the student took her remarks out of context which she claims were made about terrorists, and the school district is backing her up.

But, for the sake of argument, let us assume that she did say what she is alleged to have said by the student and CAIR (natch).

What federal law did she break that CAIR would like investigated?

She is alleged to have said something that might be construed as offensive. I seem to recall something in the Constitution. What was that again? Oh, right:

Congress shall make no law ... abridging the freedom of speech
So, to recap: She spoke, now CAIR wants the federal government to punish her for speaking.

Not that anyone with half a brain ever accused CAIR of understanding or respecting the Constitution of the US. Nor has anyone ever accused CAIR of being a legitimate 'civil rights' organization. Civil rights organizations promote Constitutional rights, they do not agitate for their repeal.

The federal government simply lacks any authority over what a school teacher says in their classroom.

Now, this does not mean that the school district has no right to censor their teachers. Nor does it mean that states have no right to fire teachers who do stupid things. School districts and state governments are emphatically not "Congress" -- or a federal institution -- which is what the First Amendment restricts.

School districts can and should make sure their employees aren't shooting off their mouths saying stupid things.

But let us look more closely at the allegation. She is alleged to have said that Muslims raise their children to be martyrs. That is kind of offensive and I could see why one might get upset over that.

She claims that she said no such thing, but said that "Hamas" and "the Taliban" raise their kids to be martyrs. What's offensive about that? If that offends you then you deserve to be offended and much, much more.

But the real problem that CAIR has is with her statement that the "behavior" of killing innocent people is "just like Hitler".

Get that? It's the behavior of killing innocent people that is just like Hitler. Which it is.

I know that there are generally far too many Hitler comparisons, but if CAIR thinks that it is out-of-bounds to compare the behavior of killing innocent people to Hitler then I'm just not sure I get the objection.

For some time now I've been observing a still unnamed phenomenon that is the antithesis of Islamophobia. Whereas Islamophobes are bigots who assume that Muslims are suspect simply because they are Muslims, these other as yet to be classified bigots assume that Muslims are innocent victims simply because they are Muslims. The US is out to get Muslims, both at home and abroad, so of course accusations must be true.

When a Muslim makes an accusation of discrimination they assume that the accusation is true because it is their deep seated belief that America is populated by so-called Islamophobes.

Do I think the people at CAIR believe the accusation is true? Yes, I do. Because CAIR has shown by its words and actions over the years that it is full of conspiracy minded bigots who believe that Americans are bad people who hate them and who are engaged in a "Crusade" against Islam around the world and at home.

And so I think it is ironical that those who cry Islamophobia at every turn reveal their own deep seated bigotry against their fellow Americans with every new accusation.

Thanks to Johnny for the tip.

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