February 19, 2013

New Liberal Advice For Self Defense: Charge Your Attacker

You have a pair of scissors, a pen, and a whistle. But in case those items don't protect you, you can always just tackle the attacker:

Law enforcement authorities are increasingly advising school officials and even young students to physically confront suspects in future campus attacks as a final line of defense.

The advisories, now included in training videos and documents prepared by police, represent a major shift in tactics for law enforcement officials who have traditionally counseled potential victims to flee and hide while waiting for authorities to answer calls for help.

"These incidents are becoming a fact of life," University of Wisconsin-Madison Police Chief Susan Riseling told a meeting of law enforcement colleagues gathered here. "If there is no other option, take the shooter out."

Don't you feel safer knowing Liberals are teaching your unarmed children to charge a school shooter?

Personally, I'd feel better shooting him from a distance. But I'm just an evil gun-toting Conservative.

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