February 18, 2013

We Get Press: "Vigilante racist website" Behind Government Conspiracy to Arrest Innocent Muslims and Occupiers

Thanks to (someone) for pointing out this article from the "Salem News Channel" claiming that convicted terrorist Ziyad Yaghi is an innocent patsy in the global war against Muslims.

The "news" website seems more like an amateurish blog than an actual news website. But, whatevs, it does have some entertainment value. I especially like the part where we're accused of being "racist". Racist: I do not think that word means what you think it means:

4) Although Ziyad Yaghi's Facebook profile is set to private, a vigilante racist web blog titled the Jawa Report posted screenshots and photos of Ziyad Yaghi's Facebook account. The Jawa Report has a long history of working alongside media establishments and the US government in arresting and prosecuting suspected terrorists. The YouTube account of The Jawa Report indicates the author has an antipathy toward all Muslims, Palestinians, the Occupy Movement, and anyone that challenges the US and Israeli government status quos and foreign policies.


We believe that the Jawa Report was the conduit for what many suspected the US government was doing with Virginian Brandon Raub's Facebook account, the former Iraqi War veteran who was arrested by the US government for inflammatory yet patriotic Facebook posts, which is we believe the Jawa Report was spying on Facebook accounts like Ziyad Yaghi's on behest or in corroboration with the US government.

I don't know where to begin with this. Part of it is funny, part of it is ludicrous, part of it is offensive.

First, let me address the charge of being a racist. That's an offensive accusation.

1) Any one who's read the blog for more than a week knows that I regularly ban racists. Me not banning racists from the comments should be read as lazy and doesn't read his own comments rather than approves of racist comments.

2) Islam is not a race, it's a belief system. If you think being against sharia, violent Islamism, or being pro-US is somehow being racist -- you are a moron.

3) I do not hate Muslims nor do I believe that Islam inevitably requires Muslims to engage in acts of violence nor oppression. However, this does not mean that I think all religions are the same. Nor do I think that adherents of political violence are necessarily outside of historically orthodox Islam.

4) I do believe there is something kinda-sorta akin to racism against Muslims called Islamophobia, but like the term racism the accusation that people are Islamophobes is so overused as to make the accusation almost meaningless.

Moreover, criticism of orthodox or historical Islamic beliefs are not Islamophobic in and of themselves. Most of what passes for "Islamophobia" in the popular press is actually legitimate criticism of heretofore mainstream Sunni teachings, such as the teaching that apostasy from Islam should be illegal or that criticisms of Islam's prophet Muhammad ought to outlawed.

Jumping to the conclusion that someone is guilty of some crime by virtue of being a Muslim is certainly a sign of Islamophobia. However, there is a corollary to that which has not been named and of which many Muslims are equally guilty of -- jumping to the conclusion that Muslim is innocent simply by virtue of being a Muslim.

If Islamophobia is real but rare, then I am convinced that this opposite corollary is also real. For every person that sees the arrest of a Muslim as evidence of a wider Muslim conspiracy against the West there is a person who sees that same arrest as evidence of a conspiracy by the West against Muslims. I don't have the statistics to back this up, just anecdotal evidence, but I'm inclined to believe that the latter is far more prevalent than the former if we were to measure either group as a proportion of Americans in general in the one case and of Muslims and Occupy activists in the other case. In other words, Muslims and Occupiers are far more likely to see a conspiracy against Muslims by the US than Americans in general are to see a Muslim conspiracy by American Muslims against the US.

As to the accusation that my YouTube account is evidence that I have "antipathy toward all Muslims" & "Palestinians" the author here is either stupid or a liar. At the top of my uploaded videos list are a "Deuce 4 Stryker Brigade" tribute, a video of the New Black Panther Party calling for the murder of a cartoonist, a video of Sarah Palin in a swimsuit competition. Or perhaps it's the Freedom Journal videos that the author finds offensive? Or Scarlett Johansson visiting the troops?

Unless, of course, he thinks al Qaeda represents the version of Islam he believes in. Then, guilty as charged as I do have a funny Happy Chanukah from the al Qaeda dancers video up.

You know, really offensive stuff there!

As to disdaining members of the Occupy movement? Also, guilty as charged. The only good hippie, is a hippie so stoned that he doesn't have the energy to take on the man.

Now, let us look at these images from Ziyad Yaghi's Facebook profile. I'm sure they offer nothing but exculpatory evidence as to Yaghi's innocence?

If ur a munafiq (hypocrite) I am a kill you


In any event, as to my role in Yaghi's prosecution let the facts be known: I had no role.

I got these images from Yaghi's Facebook account after he was arrested. Which means I found out about the rather stupid plot he was involved in to attack the Marine base at Quantico by reading the newspaper. I know, the difference between cause and effect makes my head head hurt!

As to my alleged involvement in the arrest of Brandon Raub, I had to do a Google search of it to see who he was. Never heard of him and The Jawa Report has never reported on him.

As to the rest of the author's claims that Yaghi is either not guilty of the crimes he was convicted of or that he received too harsh a penalty I have no opinion on that. I actually have no idea if he's guilty or not. I wasn't involved in the case, have no special insight, and have no information other than the public record. I wasn't, as the author alleges, a "spy" for the government.

In fact, I really wish the FBI would have let these guys attack Quantico. Eight retards vs. the Marines -- now that would be some first class entertainment!

Yes, it is true that when someone is convicted of a crime that I tend to believe they are guilty of the crime they were convicted of. I also tend to believe that the FBI doesn't go around arresting people for no reason, but that they do sometimes get it wrong.

I also believe that some people, like the author of this article, are paranoid idiots and a perfect illustration of the rhetorical convergence of Leftist and Islamist extremists.

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