February 18, 2013

adamakha.com: IRGC Agitprop Site Targeting USA, UK, Israel

 photo f0b2ea79-e9a9-4720-b7e6-37d29a9b25b2_zps2088953e.jpg
Name: adamakha.com
Domain name registrar of record: PDR Ltd. d/b/a publicdomainregistry.com, India
Registration service provider: Mahdi Moazedi d/b/a KEYANA IT CO. LTD., Turkey
Name Servers:
- ns1.fanafzar.net
--, Hetzner Online AG, Germany
- ns2.fanafzar.net
--, Hetzner Online AG, Germany

Domain name registrant(s): This domain is and has always been registered to Mahdi Moazedi, d/b/a Keyana IT Co. Ltd. Moazedi is also d/b/a Fayfal Ltd. In the incorporation papers for Fafal Ltd. he is identified as a Georgian national residing in the UK, d/o/b 09 April, 1978, while whois records for Keyana IT Co. Ltd. place him in Istanbul. Moazedi is known to be involved in the operation of an official Hizballah website, as well as the website of IRGC organization International Union of Unified Ummah.

IP Address:
Hostname: n/a
Network access provider: IRGC, via the Information Technology Company (a/k/a Datacommunications Company of Iran), Iran, of which IRGC now holds a controlling share.

Comments: The provider of name service and presumptive host of adamakha.com is Esmaeil Jahanshahi d/b/a fanafzar.net, of Trondheim, Norway. Jahanshahi, like Mahdi Moazedi, is also involved in the operation of an official Hizballah website. Jahanshahi works in partnership with Majid Moradi (zirzamin@gmail.com), Tehran, Iran, who shares that email address (zirzamin@gmail.com) with Ehsan Irani a/k/a Ehsan Khosravani. Khosravani claimed an address in France circa 2011..

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Mad Mullah's have many fingers, so to speak.

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