February 18, 2013

Floor Vote on the Assault Weapon Ban?

So, Barack Obama says he wants a floor vote on renewing the Assault Weapon Ban.

Does he really, or is he just running his mouth?

Republican leadership in the House and Democrat leadership in the Senate have both given indications that they'll be working behind the scenes to prevent a floor vote on renewal of the Assault Weapons Ban, thereby sparing legislators from being forced to cast a controversial vote on guns.

But is that really how things ought to be handled? Should our elected officials be able to avoid controversial issues by settling disputes in smoke-filled back rooms, away from the eyes of the voters?

Many Americans reject that idea. Many of us have had enough of the back-room deals. We believe our elected officials need to GO ON RECORD, up or down, as to where they stand on guns.

If you agree, here's an easy opportunity to send that message (CLICK IMAGE):


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