February 24, 2013

Blog Sabbath Caption Contest: Chechen Mujahideen Bloopers Edition
Bumped: Fatwas Issued

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Fatwas will be issued

Update: Fatwas issued:

The "i will cut ur neck" fatwa issued against Sandy Fluke for:

Chechen separatist warlord's, M'Balz Es -Hari (left), I-Zheet M'Drurz (Center) and Haid D'Salaami (right) demand recognition of the independence of Chechnya and also, tax payer funded personal hygiene items.
The "devil will do meetballs from your bodies" fatwa issued against Kim for:
Maybe he frown because he have bubbling pile of warm meatballs squishing around in Tighty Whities.
The "why u insult holly quoran" fatwa issued against Tyler for:
"Jamal's pants were so tight everyone knew what religion he belonged to the moment he sat down."
The "mojahedin will separate your dirty head from your dirty heart" fatwa issued against obsidian for:
Still showing where he shit his pants during the morning when he mistook a mo ped for a Predator drone M'druze sat for a picture with his Peeps.

His last pair of un shit in jogging pants to

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