February 13, 2013

Unarmed Father Killed Protecting Young Daughter From Heavily Armed Intruders

Why does anyone need an "assault" rifle? Why does anyone need more than 6 or 7 rounds in a weapon?

This is why:

Police say two heavily armed men fatally shot a homeowner as he tried to protect his daughter during a home invasion.

The incident happened late Tuesday night in Miami. The father, identified as Maurice Renard, 36, got into a struggle with the suspects when they tried to gain entry into his 11-year-old daughter's bedroom, police told FoxNews.com. The father was fatally shot in the struggle.

No time to call 911. The criminals were heavily armed. The father wasn't. The end result is a little girl without her father.

Had the father been armed, maybe the outcome would have been the same. But at least he would have had a chance against these two heavily armed intruders. What gun control advocates want to do is take away this one chance.

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