February 13, 2013

Christopher Dorner In Big Bear Gun Battle; 2 Officers Hurt
Update Dead!

Via LATimes

The six-day manhunt for accused killer Christopher Dorner took a dramatic turn Tuesday when the suspect got into a shootout with authorities, according to law enforcement sources.

Details were sketchy. But the sources said that Dorner burglarized a home in the Big Bear area, tied up a couple and stole their car.

During the gun battle, two police officers were wounded. Their conditions are unknown. A state fish and game official was shot at, sources said.

Four local schools are on lockdown[More...]


UPDATE: I've swapped the KTLA video for the local Fox affiliate. This stream is live. It looks like the cabin where he was suspected of hiding out is surrounded.

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The fact that SB County Sheriffs are checking every single car coming down HWY 330 seems to suggest that they don't know where Dorner is.

Update: One officer who was shot has died. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family at this time.

If you have problems with the above live feed, you can watch/listen to it here.

Update: Cabin where Dorner appears to be is engulfed in flames. Burn in hell appears to be the appropriate phrase at this time, if indeed he is in the cabin.

Update by Howie: Dorner is dead. Not so bad now is he.


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