February 12, 2013

Today Must Suck For Real Journalist Suzi Parker Of WaPo
#suziparkerscoops #URLtellsthetale

When she fell for a satire about Sarah Palin joining Aljazeera and posted about it. A correction was issued but the URL lives on: http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/she-the-people/wp/2013/02/12/sarah-palins-plan-to-reach-millions-of-devoutly-religious-people-through-al-jazeera/?wprss=rss_she-the-people.

The title of her post now reads: "Sarah Palin tries to stay relevant". Bwahahahaha, it really should read as "Suzi Parker tries to stay relevant".

 photo 55642642-d1fd-47b6-b4a0-e2f05ee10de0_zps8740a430.jpg

Mz Parker has been busy blocking people now because of @her ( @suziparker) and the hashtag #suziparkerscoops

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