February 12, 2013

15 Tweets And 0 Bullets

A commenter, Maxx, at Twitchy points out the absurdity of gun control. (Title) While the Delaware shooter fired on his victims, witnesses had time to tweet warnings as they hid in fear, but not one of them had a weapon to defend their lives.

But even as some tweeters hid, a few found the time to mock legal gun owners:


Upon first read, I thought this lawyer might be appealing for less gun control. If "the NRA" had been there, it is very possible at least some of the victims may have been spared. But in the following Twitter conversation, Lubinski is clear she was deriding the NRA.


Of course, no one told her to shut up. In fact, most the responses have been respectful. They were just responding to her inappropriate tweet. Yet once "the NRA" began to reply to her politicized tweet, she took offense:


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